Is It Time to Look Beyond Fixed Income and Equities?
As fixed income yields hit all-time lows and equities reach all-time highs, you may find the traditional 60/40 portfolio doesn’t work in today’s market.
Managing Risk
An industry expert, Dr. Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA®, recently published a white paper that explores the risks of traditional fixed income investments and sheds light on how to manage these risks in pre-retirement years.
Portfolio Simulator
A tool like you’ve never used before. Monte Carlo simulations show how a fee-based annuity could impact a portfolio.
Why Great American?
With Great American Life Insurance Company®, you’ll find a simpler way to help achieve your clients’ goals. We’ve invested time and resources into developing tools and resources that allow you to seamlessly integrate an annuity to your advisory platform, which may provide benefits that are missing from clients’ portfolios today.



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