Fixed Income Alternative

While the traditional 60/40 portfolio may have worked well in the past, today’s market rewards different approaches. How can you offer clients protection from loss, greater growth opportunity and retirement income?

Allocating a portion of clients’ portfolios to a fee-based fixed-indexed annuity may be the answer.

Helping Clients Create a Balanced Portfolio
Helping Clients Create a Balanced Portfolio
Protection from Loss

A fee-based fixed-indexed annuity protects your clients’ principal and locks in their earnings on an annual basis – regardless of what’s happening in the market. This means once interest is credited, it will not be lost due to market performance. It’s that simple.

Greater Growth Opportunity

Fixed-indexed annuities may provide greater growth opportunity than fixed income investments with strategies that earn interest based on a market index or ETF. Interest is guaranteed to never be less than 0%.

Our fee-based annuity offers strategies based on the following indexes and ETF:

Put your clients in control of their retirement income
Put your clients in control of their retirement income
Liquidity and lifetime income options

While our fee-based annuity is designed to bring long-term value to a portfolio, liquidity options are available.

Annual withdrawals
Clients may withdraw up to 10% each year without an early withdrawal charge. This feature may be useful for portfolio rebalancing. All early withdrawal charges end after seven years.

Return of premium
If clients choose to surrender their contract after the third contract year, they will receive no less than their initial purchase payment (minus prior withdrawals and applicable taxes and rider charges).

Included riders
Extended care and terminal illness waiver riders allow clients to withdraw their money without incurring an early withdrawal charge when certain criteria are met. There is no charge for these riders.

Lifetime income
Optional riders provide extra certainty for retirement with guaranteed lifetime income. There is an annual charge for these riders.

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Check out our Index Protector 7 fee-based annuity.

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